The Best of Kenyon Hopkins

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Year Title Album
1956 Lemonade Baby Doll
1957 Boogie on the Strange One The Strange One
1957 Main Title and Cowboy Sailor Eleven Against the Ice
1958 Blue Angel Blues Blue Angels
1958 Cool Village Contrasting Colors
1958 Selection of the Bulls The Day of the Bullfight
1958 Taxi Ride The Sound of New York
1959 The Crank Shock Music in Hi-Fi
1959 Heartaches Panic "The Son of Shock"
1959 Is You Is, or Is You Ain't Ma' Baby Mixed Emotions
1959 Lonely Train Ridin' the Rails
1959 Nothing at All Once Around the Clock with Patricia Scot
1959 Serenade in Three Swingin' Serenades
1959 Desire Rooms
1959 The Nervous Beat Lonelyville "The Nervous Beat"
1960 Argument Ping Pang Pong the Swinging Ball
1960 Beautiful Ohio A Little Travelin' Music
1960 High Pocket Blues The Fugitive Kind
1960 Wild River Capitol Records 45RPM
1961 Casino Sound Tour: France
1961 Main Title (Stop & Go) The Hustler
1962 Carmen Speaks English Sound Tour: Spain
1962 Outer Island Sound Tour: Hawaii
1962 Shepard's Serenade Sound Tour: Italy
1962 The Red-Eyed Rats Nightmare!
1963 Neil's Night Out East Side / West Side
1963 On the Roof The Yellow Canary
1964 Extension 7 The Reporter
1964 Twangy Tavern Lilith
1965 West Side Radio Mister Buddwing
1966 Moonlight Casino This Property is Condemned

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